Baytown Township

Washington County, Minnesota

Animal and Mosquito Control and Deer

Metropolitan Mosquito Control

Metropolitan Mosquito Control

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Metropolitan Mosquito Control District has just begun our season and we wanted to send a message out to cities to let residents know that they may see our trucks, helicopters, or staff with identifiable “Mosquito Control” apparel in neighborhoods and parks.

PDF of press release:


Tires are one of the most common breeding sources for some of the most dangerous species of mosquitoes. Rubber tires hold water easily, they stay warm in the Summer, and they can be hard to empty.

Solution: Contact Metropolitan Mosquito Control and they will remove tires (that do not have rims) at no cost. PLEASE DO NOT DUMP TIRES IN DITCHES!

You can also contact Washington County's environmental center or local auto repair shops, which will often recycle tires for a fee.

Metropolitan Mosquito Control District
2099 University Ave. W
Saint Paul, MN 55104

(651) 645-9149

Animal Control

Although, Dogs do not need a license in Baytown Township, please help us return your pets safely to you by tagging them with your name and contact number. Click on Animal Control for additional information.

Animal Impound      

Otter Lake Animal Care Center
6848 Otter Lake Road
Hugo, MN 55038
Phone:  651-426-8871  

Animal Control Officer      

Companion Animal Control
Brit Harmon      
Phone: 715-220-1332

Deer Carcass Removal



Deer carcasses found on private property within Baytown Township are the responsibility of the property owner. Dead deer found along township or county roads within the road right of way can be reported for pickup as follows:

Municipal (township controlled) Roads:  All notifications must be reported through the Township Clerk.  If you see a dead deer on a Baytown Township road or right of way, please contact the clerk at 651-430-4992. The township has a contract with an outside deer service who will remove all reported deer within 48 hours. 

County Roads:  If an animal is located on a county road or road right of way, contact Washington County at 651-430-4300.