Baytown Township

Washington County, Minnesota

Township Staff


Town Clerks are the administrative officials of the Township and are appointed by the Town Board. The Town Clerk is the primary "go to" person for the Township. If you need to conduct business with the township and are  unsure of whom to contact, check first with the Town Clerk. The Clerk coordinates the Town Board, the Planning Commission and Annual Meetings, and administers elections. Majority of Town Clerks work part time from home and answer phones during the hours of 8:00 am until noon Monday through Friday. 


Township Clerk

Nancy Healey
4020 McDonald Dr. 
Stillwater, MN  55082
Telephone number:   651-430-4992

Township Treasurer
Marsha Olson
817 Everett Drive
Stillwater, MN   55082
Telephone number:  651-998-9178

Town Engineer
Jim Studenski - TKDA
444 Cedar St.  Suite 1500
St. Paul, MN   55101-2140
Telephone number:   612-369-4418
Fax number:   651-292-0083

Town Planner
Evan P. Monson - TKDA
444 Cedar St.   Suite 1500
St. Paul, MN   55101-2140
Cell Phone:  651-308-0036
Fax number:   651-292-0083


Town Attorney
Kevin M. Beck
Kelley and Lemmons, P.A.
2350 Wycliff Street, Suite 200
St. Paul, MN   55144-1331
Telephone number:  651-224-3781
Fax number:  651-223-8019

Building Inspector
Bob LaBrosse
Rivertown Inspections LLC
13150 22nd Street N
Stillwater, MN 55082
Telephone number:  651-485-8711