Baytown Township

Washington County, Minnesota

 How do I get a Building Permit?

Call Baytown Township Building Inspector - Bob LaBrosse- 651-485-8711

 How do I get a recycling bin?

Call Maroney's Sanitation, Inc - 651-439-7279
Maroney's Website

 How Do I Obtain a Burning Permit?

BURNING PERMITS - Minnesota's Open Burning Law requires that burning permits are required for any non-recreational fire that is larger than 3 feet in diameter. Burning permits may be obtained by contacting the Bayport Fire Department at 651-275-4401. Permits require an on-site inspection and a fee. Request should be made several days in advance of any burning. 

 Where can I find well information?

Please go to Well Advisory Tab or click here

 Who plows the Township roads?

Baytown Township contracts with Miller Excavating, Inc. for the township roads.   If you live on a county road, they are  plowed by Washington County.