Baytown Township

Washington County, Minnesota

Rick Weyrauch

Rick and Lisa
Rick and Lisa

13310 51st Street N, Stillwater, MN 55082

651-430-8006 Home, 651-303-9165 Cell

Rick Weyrauch, Bio

I am a 30 year software developer currently working for Thomson Reuters. I was born and raised in St. Paul's North End neighborhood. Along with my wife Lisa, and sons Kent and Jake, we moved into Baytown Township in the spring of 1993 and immediately melded with The St. Croix Valley.

Both the boys played rec hockey in the Stillwater Area Hockey Association and that provided me my first opportunities at public service. I coached as needed, and then served 3 years on the board as the Ice Scheduler. As the boys grew older I also learned how to referee youth hockey and was a referee for 10 seasons. Our family can be described as hockey nuts - these days, mostly via the Wild, although my 4 1/2 year old grandson just started his Mite career this year.

Two years ago I applied to be the fill-in supervisor to fill a seat vacated when the sitting supervisor moved out of the township. That went pretty well and so in 2016 I decided to officially run for the seat I was holding. While running unopposed made for an easy win, I am still honored to hold this position for the next 4 years and look forward to serving my community once again.

Managing a community is not always a simple task, even here in Baytown where the governing can be very easy-going. Any time you have to meet the needs of more than 20 people, things get a lot more complicated (I learned this as 20 is about the size of a youth hockey team group looking for a place to eat at a out-of-town tournament - and yes, that can be extremely complicated). I plan to use my software development skills to collect data and organize it into value buckets, and then apply what reason and logic I can to help lead me to the best available outcomes possible.

My goal is simple consistency: I'm not necessarily interested in being the most cooperative supervisor, just the most consistent. I'm not a go-along to get-along kind of guy, but I am also not someone looking to grind my personal agenda. I hope to find the seam in every topic where we can provide a solution good for the vast majority, without damaging or penalizing the minority, or even the few.

If you ever have an issue with Baytown or myself, contact me by email, text, or phone call and let's meet somewhere to sit down and talk. There may be things we can easily work out, there may be nothing but disagreement, but I cannot work through our township's problems well if we never talk. I am here to serve Baytown Township at large, and to the best of my abilities, each of you individually.